Spacefleet Ltd is a UK-based company that is aiming to provide a space transport service to take users' payloads to orbital and sub-orbital space. This website is a shop window for the Spacefleet projects and sales, and it is also a growing community site for space enthusiasts, with a "Space News" section, where you can submit your own articles, and a discussion forum (coming soon). Please join!

The very-long-term aim: To end up with an organisation that will provide space transport services on a commercial, but international basis. as the visionary writer, Arthur C Clarke once proclaimed: "We will take no frontiers into space!".

In addition we will offer, in the New Year, a crowd-funding opportunity, to enable the Earl craft development to continue on to an orbital access service. It can be done, and you can be part of it.

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Spacefleet concept space tourism vehicle